My name is Lital , nice to meet you , Welcome to my Travel blog , Bestravelife,in this blog I will share with you my travel life, and I would like to hear about your opinions and your adventures .

At the age of 21, I decided that I did not want to live life without purpose & desire, I do not want to live my life and feel like i missed somthing , so I decided to start following my passions.
the greatest passion in my life, which fills my life, flows in my veins and fills my lungs is to travel the world, to experience cultures, to meet all the things I thought I would not meet, to stretch the boundaries of life, to pursue curiosity.

I share this with you on the purpose to allow all of you to see through my eyes, the perception of my life, my trips and  the cultures I meet, and even challenge you, to challenge yourself!

24/7 tour blog, breathe nature, the landscapes, the cultures, and learn about myself on the way.
To give you the experiences I have accomplished on the way to , and to let you break through your limits, to reach a full life, a life of fulfillment .

I’d love to hear your opinion, any advice, I’m here with you.
So dear travelers, let’s go conquer the way, in the best travel life.