Budapest Trip

Three days in Budapest – Endless of history, attractions, museums and great architecture,you may forget that you are in east europe.
Cruising in the Danube river at night, be stunned from the covered parliament that was covered by lights.
walking in underground tunnels that were used as hospital in few wars.
climb up the stairs to the highest point in the city and enjoy panoramic view, breathtaking.
Buda and Pest I love you both!

Slovakia Trip

Heaven to nature lovers , endless of hiking trails,which consist of climbing,ladders and adrenalin.
drinking a glass of wine on a beautiful lake , after a long hike , in the middle of nowhere , climbing to the top of mountains and watching some hut on the pike and moving on from to there with a big smile on your face.
as a person addicted to hiking and nature I find myself in uncommon country ,a shy country in the middle of Europe on the top of the high tatras , or a big canyon.

Belgium Trip

“Some call her ” The Disney world of Belgium”-” This is how the first person I met in Bruges has described the city to me , and by walking all around the city you will understand that you can’t doubt it. Bruges makes you feel younger, out of earth and the real world for few hours or a days, in Bruges wishes come true .

Southern Italy Trip

Nothing like her, different from Rome or Northern Italy, you can feel the combined cultures – Mediterranean sea & classic Europe, the people there are always with a smile on their face and are ready with glass of limoncello,Who needs more than that?