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January 2017

“Some call her ” The Disney world of Belgium”-“ This is how the first person I met in Bruges has described  the city to me , and by walking all around the  city you will understand that you can’t doubt it.  Bruges makes you feel younger, out of earth and the real world for few hours or a days, in Bruges wishes come true .

In January 2017 I decided to take a few days off , in Belgium , it was a perfect choice.
In this post we will focus on four cities in small Belgium : Brussels, Antwerp,Ghent and Bruges.

Belguim map

transportation from Brussels Airport to the city
From Brussels airport the ideal way get to the city is with SNCB (the Belgium national train) from the airport to the different stations in the city , the journey will take you between 15-20 minutes . This route comes in very  frequently.

Must See&Do

Grand place  is the biggest square in Brussels ,it is placed in the heart of the city.
Around the Grand place there are many attractions and all are by a walking distance (I believe that only by walking through the city  you can really understand the atmosphere and to see the real daily life in the city)
The grand place is  a beautiful place ,with amazing alleys and good vibes, you can find there a lot of coffee houses and enjoy the best chocolate in the world.

Grand place

Manneken Pis


belguim waffle


Few steps from the Grand place,  you can find the famous Manneken Pis  ,on your way to there you have to stop and take a few minutes of joy from the tasty Belgium waffle and get into the belgium atmosphere , great chocolate and waffles every way, you will surely enjoy and you will leave with no regrets.

From there I recommend that   you continue to  place Rogier and Rue de Neuve which are  two great and close boulevards Of shopping, maybe one of the best in europe .

Rue de nouve Brussles

From there you can go to Sablon which is a really nice and historical neighborhood, there you can find the Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon, sometimes during the week you can enjoy the market.
 After you finished there you can go to “Parc de Brussels” in Rue Royal that is close to the sablon , it’s a beautiful park with few beautiful fountains and statues of the great people of Belgium .
around the park you can also see the Belgian House of Parliament ,  Palace of Justice and Royal Palace


After you finished all this trip in the center of the city  now we will go to the north side of Brussels – to the Atomium , the atomium height is more than 100 meters, as the name, it is in the shape of the atomium which looks like the atom, and its defiantly a must do  in Brussels .  Inside the huge metallic balls, you can find the longest electors in Europe (35 meters long) and the fastest elevator in Europe, The highest ball is for view to the city, and you can also find there many restaurants and enjoy the great view.
If you also want to enjoy the all Europe, you can find there the mini Europe outside the atomium.

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Another place you can go to is  the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart (bus line 84 from the atomium) near Parc Elisabeth, this is an amazing and huge basilicas with great view to the city that contain a lot of history.


Antwerp is the biggest city in belgium after Brussels, I was there at night and I can tell you that the feeling around there  is amazing , the beautiful buildings and streets.
one of the places you must visit in Antwerp is no doubt the central station of Antwerp, even if you don’t arrive to Antwerp by train you must go to this station , the structure is really outstanding , you will be fascinated and shocked  that it’s only a train station .

You can also enjoy from this great atmosphere in the boulevards of Antwerp,  the great coffee houses , restaurants and a lot of basilicas.
If you go to the Grote market you can find there the “brabo” fountain and the impressive city hall.

Enjoy Antwerp by walking thorough the streets and feel the atmosphere there, you will not need more than that.


Ghent is most known because of its university, half day in Ghent is really
Fair enough, but don’t miss it.
When you get to the city you must go to the tourist center and get a map of the city, with all the information of the special buildings in the city. You can go from the train station by foot to the all attractions, or with the tram, my recommended way of course is by foot.

You can also enjoy the guild cruises in the canals of Ghent, and see the historical castles which go through all the beautiful canals

Bruges big canal

gent castle



Last but not least – Bruges.

Whoever watched “Bruges” the movie probably waited for this trip a long time, Bruges is an undesirable place as I already said “In Bruges wishes come true”.
The beautiful Bridges and the beautiful canals, make you feel like you are out of earth. you will not want to leave Bruges , walking to the alleys and  sitting beside  the canal in  the great restaurants , tasting the best chocolate in the world ,  and enjoying the  fine beer and the fresh air.

Bruges is a picturesque city .

In the antique quarter – you will find between two main squares – the market of Bruges.
There you can find really interesting museums  like – Choco museum  and  the Salvador Dali exhibition and also do not miss the beer museum!

When you go from the train station of Bruges you will see a statue of a horse, in the right side you will see a really good waffle bar with great beer and free Wi-Fi.

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All of those cities that I mentioned in this post you can reach by taking a train from every station in Brussels –very compatible.

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