Southern Italy Trip

 April 2015

Nothing like her, different from Rome or Northern Italy, you can feel the combined cultures  – Mediterranean sea & classic Europe, the people there are always with a smile on their face and are ready with glass of limoncello,Who needs more than that?

In this post we will focus on 4 cities, Naples, Pompeii-the old city, Sorrento, Capri and Vesuvius volcano (between Naples and Pompeii).

Transportation from Naples Airport to the city
From Naples airport there are several ways to get to the city.  You can take a shuttle to the city that costs 2 euros, this shuttle goes through the main streets in the city.
The other way and the easiest way  is by  taking a cab to the city that will cost between 20 to 30 euros.

Must See&Do


Naples is the third biggest city in Italy and may be called the capital of the south.
If you choose to stay in Naples my recommendation is the  hotel “UNA” – located in the main street of Naples , On Garibaldi Piazza , in the old city , a few minutes from the main train station ,and  a great value to the price.
The Centro storico of Naples is between Garibaldi Piazza and Via Toledo , in these two streets you can find a lot of attractions.
We will begin our tour in Garibaldi Piazza and go through Corso Umberto I street  , there  you can find  the university of Naples and continue to Via Toledo from there you have a lot of options like going to the castle nuovo –a really impressive castle.

castle nuovo naples


From there I recommend that you continue to the Royal place of Naples  and around there you also can see the church “San Francesco di Paola” it’s in  the main square of Naples , a really big and impressive square . This square is great for just sitting there, relaxing  and feeling the atmosphere there.

Close to the “San Francesco di Paola” you can also see the “Teatro di San Carlo” this place exists since 1737 , you can find there a theatre with 3,300 seats  –it is very recommended  and one of the places you must go to!
If you have time to spare  go to Spaccanapoli street and you can see there a lot of interesting things , and great restaurants.  After that , take a few minutes off ,  and enjoy the great Italian coffee , smell the sea salt in the air and Relax.

If you climb in Naples to the highest street you will see Vesuvio volcano from Naples – this volcano is huge!

Pompeii & Vesuvio

Pompeii the old city – that was destroyed by Vesuvio volcano in 79 AD  .
It is located in Pompeii  and there you will see the ruins of the city, the Roman buildings , Coliseum and more .
It was really the entire city that was destroyed, and you can see the culture there and the houses. Pompeii is a lovely place, and you have to go and walk through the destructions to feel it .  After that you can take the recorded tour guide in  a few different languages – do not miss Pompeii ,stay in Pompeii at least half a day .


Before you go to Pompeii stop in Vesuvio, and there you must climb to this mountain , even if it is  a little bit expensive it  is worth your money ,  I recommend that you take at least half  a day to this trip, and climb with the tour group to the volcano mound  ,maybe it sounds a little bit crazy , but it’s what makes it so cool and amazing, and you will see exactly what I mean when you get to the top of Vesuvio beautiful view.


Capri – this magical island is outstanding and  so colorful ,  it feels like  a piece of heaven ,one of my favorites in Italy.  I t is a place that you do not want to leave because it is so peaceful. The simple life of the capri people is so inspiring ,walking from the sea to the top of the cliffs , narrow streets , and the  sea food everywhere (the main employment of the there ) ,and the great people there make Capri one of the most visited  tourists island .
You can go to Capri with the  ferry from Sorrento or Naples(in Naples from Molo Beverello), the first things that you will see when you get out of the ferry it is this spectacular view.


capri ferry


More than that , you can get some guild tourist in the entrance to Capri –and also rent a driver that will take you to the main attractions and  to the top of Capri .
As always my recommendation is  to travel by foot and feel the real Capri, through the streets .
The most popular attraction is the Blue grotto – a sea cave with amazing blue water(you can rent a local guide that will take you to the most beautiful places with a  boat.

When you start climbing you have to go to the Arco naturale the Arco Naturale is a natural arch on the east coast of the island , definitely  a must in Capri , I even suggest to stay there more than a  few minutes and enjoy the moment.

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When you continue from there you will see in the side of the mountain a  lovely restaurant with amazing view – “Ristorante Le Grottelle”, take a meal , enjoy from the great sea food&good wine .

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From there , continue to Piazza Umberto I , this is really  a nice piazza with great coffee-house , and great ice creams. You can enjoy it  from the big balcony and take a look all over Capri.



Sorrento – the home of the famous limoncello,  a place to seat on the beach and relax , walk through the  streets, and you must enter  the stores of handmade limoncello and other liqueurs , to watch the beautiful cliffs combine with the blue pure water .
I have to say that the most tasty pizza in the world is in Sorrento , with extraordinary extras.
my advice in Sorrento is just walking in the street, “get lost” in the stiff streets of Sorrento is the best things that you can do for yourself , walking to the street , feel the markets , rent a boat , and just enjoy the romantics and the italian view all over the place .

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